Stromae - Papaoutai

Note to self: listen to more Belgian pop music, specifically Stromae, because this video and song are incredible. Especially intense in light of the fact that Stromae’s father was killed in the Rwandan Genocide. Papaoutai comes from “Papa, où t’es?” or “Dad, where are you?”

This is a beautifully shot music video with some very dynamic choices in cinematography and color symbolism. If you speak any French, you’ll also enjoy the discrepancy between the upbeat pop-style and the sad lyrics.

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I should open a bookstore

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The Crown of 14 Towers


Hari Kondabolu analyzes a Matthew McConaughey interview about gay rights in The Advocate where he outs one of his college friends, talks about how popular he was in high school and comes up with a program to help “the nerd, the gay kid, the fat girl and the kid with the hairlip.”

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Racist Trolls Stalk FKA Twigs Because She's Dating Robert Pattinson



White girls are absolutely vile. These jealous white girls are mad because FKA Twigs is a goddess, and they’ll always be expired jars of mayonnaise. Stay mad. 

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Greenwood, Mississippi (aka The Red Ceiling), 1973. William Eggleston. Dye transfer print.

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